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Less than a month to the winner of BBA Amplified, and things are already exciting enough in the house. Now, it seems everyone is letting go in the House and there leaked Shower Hour photos to prove it.


Here they are just for you. Thanks to the peeps at for sharing!


Miss P with the biggest hips in the house 

Two Botswana housemates Zeus and Miss P shower together

Vimbai from Zambabwe


Millicent bends down low and Sharon On goes for cover 

Millicent and Sharon O 


Weza opens up

Weza doing her thing

Miss P poses 

Luclay from South Africa and Lomwe from Malawi 

Millicent again! 

Millicent's side view 

Miss P's full view 

Millicent from Kenya 

Weza's foamy body

"The Ladies Man" Alex from Ghana

Weza from Angola goes all out 

Vina from Nigeria

Bernardina from Namibia 



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