Vera Sidika; Bootylicious or bootyfictious? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 13:13   
That's one big booty, but from last week, Vera Sidika was attacked over the legitimacy of her booty. Some random hater posted pics saying she used artificial enhancements to enhance her bum.

One person has come out in her defence. P-Unit's Bon'eye and praised her as an intelligent chic 
"Whether fake or real, her derriere has nothing to do with her brains. She is very smart and ambitious and I would really have loved to manage her modelling career."

Doesn't quite put the question to bed, but Muchene agrees the chic has brains. The interview she did on Straight Up showed she wasn't the dumb-blond everyone expected. Click here for that interview.

For now, we shall continue to appreciate her sizeable ASSets.

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